2007–2008 Harvard Kennedy School
Brad Davis

As the intelligence officer for an airborne reconnaissance squadron during Operation Iraqi Freedom, my unit’s mandate was clear: use every asset at our disposal to locate enemy positions and preserve Coalition forces. My assignment after major combat operations was much more opaque. As the U.S. Navy’s liaison to the commercial maritime and petroleum industries in the Persian Gulf, I navigated a morass of military, economic, and political objectives to help bring goods and services to the shores of a rebuilding Iraq. The experience taught me that even in the midst of violence, sound policy that promotes economic growth can help bring prosperity to a troubled region.

My aim as a Zuckerman Fellow at the Kennedy School will be learning how to continue to apply this principle in the Middle East—to harness economic development as a path to stability in an area that so desperately needs it.


MBA candidate, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
AB, Dartmouth College


United States Navy: Lieutenant
U.S. Naval Forces, Central Command: Commercial Liaison Officer
Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron One: Air Intelligence Officer
Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with Combat Distinguishing Device
Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (Two awards)