2005-2006 Harvard Kennedy School
Khary Cuffe

I have two major goals for my career post graduate school. First, my public service goal is to continue expanding my current company, Urban Consulting, which develops economic strategies and workforce opportunities for recently released felons. Growing up in Bushwick, Brooklyn, a distressed community, I was exposed to violence and drugs at an early age. I witnessed the incarceration of several peers as a result of their involvement in the illegal drug trade. After they re-entered society, I saw them with no choice but to return to a life of crime because of the lack of opportunities for convicted felons. This experience left a stinging impression on me and fostered a desire to make a difference. I realized from then on that I was going to change this dynamic within my community and make a difference in the lives of these individuals who wanted to become contributing member of society again after paying their debts for past crimes. As I got older and became more aware of the economic and political circumstances surrounding underserved communities, I realized that there is both a need and a market opportunity to assist ex-convicts in transitioning from incarceration to long-term sustainable employment. My plan is to focus on this task immediately after graduate school by securing venture financing for Urban Consulting, developing relationships with local, state, and federal government offices in charge of inmate release, and identifying long-term employment opportunities for these individuals running the gamut from small businesses to large firms.

Armed with a Harvard MBA and MPA, I am confident that I will have the tools and the network necessary to spur urban economic development and create jobs, thus improving the quality of life of the citizens of my community and other underserved communities. Combine that to the added blessings of receiving the Zuckerman Fellowship and I am assured that I will not only be successful in my entrepreneurial pursuits, but will also be successful in making a significant difference on a global level for underserved people.


MPA, Kennedy School of Government
MBA, Harvard Business School
BA, Wesleyan University
Urban Consulting, Inc. – Founder and President
Structured Employment Economic Development Corporation – Senior Investment Associate
Prudential Financial – Investment Analyst