2008-2009 Harvard School of Public Health
Courtney L. Lockhart

Throughout my undergraduate and medical school career, I have volunteered in several service organizations, serving as a tutor, mentor, and a caregiver for children. As an aspiring pediatrician, I would like to continue that work. With the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases in pediatric and adolescent populations, such as asthma, obesity, and attention deficit disorder, a multidisciplinary approach is necessary to curb health care costs, improve quality of life, and facilitate the growth and development of tomorrow’s
leaders. Training in public health will provide me with the skill set to go beyond the clinic and into the community. I hope to gain the necessary public health tools to disseminate health information, to strengthen community health capacities and services, and to improve the health of minorities and at risk groups by developing effective and accessible programs for patients and their families.

I envision this work as a way of giving back to the community, so that others can access the type of opportunities that have shaped my own life. Facilitating this type of change requires innovation and cooperation among community leaders in business, education, and health. The Zuckerman Fellowship provides a forum for scholars in their respective areas to exchange ideas and supports a multidisciplinary approach to the issues facing the public sector. The fellowship will afford me the opportunity to build upon previous leadership experiences while combining medical and public health training to become an effective leader in the field of pediatric healthcare.

MD candidate, Harvard Medical School

BS, Tuskegee University, summa cum laude

Girls Achieving in Life and Science: Program Coordinator
Student National Medical Association, Harvard Medical School: Community Service Liaison

Black Health Organization: Co-Chair

South Africa Partners, Research Service Project, Port Elizabeth, South Africa: Student researcher

Tuskegee University Campus Digest: Editor-in-Chief