Harvard Kennedy School
Jonny Dorsey
I grew up in Northern California without ever worrying about whether I could see a doctor. When my friend hurt his wrist and could not access treatment, I was shocked. This experience sparked an interest in health disparities that eventually drove me to work in a refugee camp in Zambia. There, I was devastated by unnecessary suffering caused by preventable and treatable diseases, most painfully captured in the slow death of a friend defeated by untreated HIV. Two friends and I channeled our frustration and sadness into the creation of FACE AIDS, a student campaign to fight HIV/AIDS.

As Executive Director, I worked to define our vision, build our organization, and nurture the quickly growing network of university and high school chapters across the country. As FACE AIDS grew, I met more and more talented and inspired young people struggling to launch careers in public service. To address this problem, a great team and I founded Global Health Corps, a fellowship program that places these emerging leaders from around the world with high-impact organizations building health systems. The fellows are a powerful community of emerging leaders dedicated to promoting global health equity, during the fellowship year and the rest of their careers.

I believe that the only way we will make the progress we must on the biggest challenges of our time —from global health to climate change to education—is if we build a movement that asks and empowers our best and brightest to devote their lives to creating a more just world. I have worked towards this goal through FACE AIDS, Global Health Corps, and in my term as Student Body President at Stanford. Now, I want to expand my work to the broader public sector.

I know I must improve as a leader in order to increase my impact; that is why I feel so lucky to be a part of the Zuckerman Fellowship.
MBA, Stanford Graduate School of Business
BA, Stanford University
Global Health Corps: Co-Founder and Executive Director
FACE AIDS: Co-Founder and Executive Director
Associated Students of Stanford University: President
Echoing Green Fellow
Draper Richards Social Entrepreneur