Allan R. Tessler

Allan R. Tessler
International Financial Group, Inc.

  • Allan Tessler is the Chairman of Epoch Holdings Corporation, an investment management firm.
  • With a specialization in the area of turnaround financing, Tessler combines extensive management experience with proficiency in corporate and securities legal matters.
  • Tessler also served as Co-CEO and Chairman of Data Broadcasting Corporation, now known as Interactive Data Corporation, and formerly served as Chairman of Enhance Financial Services Group, Inc. (NYSE), an insurance holding company he co-founded which was merged into Radian Group (NYSE).

Tessler previously was Chairman and a principal shareholder of Great Dane Holdings, a manufacturer of tractor trailers and automobile stampings as well as a property casualty insurer and transportation company. He was engaged as the restructuring CEO of Imperial Corporation of America (NYSE).

He is the Chairman of the Board of Epoch Holdings Corporation (EPHC-NASDAQ), the lead Director and Chairman of the Finance Committee of The Limited Brands (LTD-NYSE) and a Director of TD Ameritrade (AMTD-NASDAQ).

Tessler currently sits on the Board of Directors of Steel Partners Holding GP, Inc. where he has held a position since 2010. He is Chairman of the Board of Teton Financial Services and Chairman of Rocky Mountain Bank.